Monday, July 27, 2009

Point of View..

Being a Bitch means never being mean to a man, she 's ultra feminine and yet STRONG inside and out.. She simply shows, for the most part, rather than tells. She's independent... walks the walk, talks the talk. She can live with or without a man in her life. She loves and respects herself, and the people around her.

In a nutshell: Stop being the traditional nice girl, bending over backwards for a man, ' jumping through hoops ' (WTF we're no dogs, even dogs get enough love and appreciation). If the man appreciates, loves you and treats you like a Queen, then he definitely deserves to be treated like a King as well. "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE!" :)
You come first, him second, fitting him into your life when it ' is feasible for you; Using your womanly guile to attract and keep him, but BE YOURSELVES ladies!!!! Men are smart creatures as well * winks...very smart, and beautiful... :p...well they'll know if you're faking anything. "Keep it real!"