Saturday, November 28, 2009

thank's to you..

Have you ever noticed that when you are in love, you always go around with a smile on your face? Indeed, love brings immense happiness to the lives of those who are experiencing it. True love brings up everything , you're allowing a mirror to be held up to you daily..

4 months ago, i met mark ryan gutierrez.. nkasama ko sya sa work as private duty nurse in a old male patient who is suffering amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but unfortunately he past away last september.. the first time we had a date it was so memorable experience i ever had in my whole life.. the experience that make's me feel crazy.. lols.. mark is so sweet, love to cook, mahilig kmi kumain, moody and friendly especially to girls and "bitches" (duh..?!).. ahaha,, i met his family and friends in malolos bulacan.. they're all nice and fun to be with.. Mark is pikon nagagalit skin yan pg binabara ko xa, moody and minsan my topak..

The relationship we had right now is kinda complicated.. yeah we go out, hangout with his friends, sweet sweetan but hanggang dun lng.. mahirap kc ang commitment esp. sa situation/set up namin.. but mark always make me feel happy. he help me to forget my past bad memories with my ex bf.. and effective xa ha infairness.. lols.. gusto kong tinititigan face nya ng hnd nya alam.. and when im looking at his face I know marami xa tinatago skin.. secrets and everything.. I know and I feel it.. sorry but I don’t trust him that much.. i like him, I adore him but I don’t know if I love him.. coz he always make me feel na hnd lng ako ang girl sa life nya now.. that’s why it so hard for me to get serious sa relationship we had right now.. sa mga nexperience ko kc before sa mga past failed relationship is super hirap mg trust and ma inlove ulit.. I know nmn na hnd pa rin tlga xa ready to commit coz sa lifestyle nya now parang lahat gusto nya maranasan and I cant blame him in doing so.. yeah I get jealous when I saw pictures na puro girls kasama nya but I don’t have any right na pagbawalan xa coz we’re not committed.. but although ganito kmi I respect him so much..

Hi mark,
Thank you for everything. Thank you for making my life happy again.. thank you coz when I have a problem you always there to listen and give advice. . thank you coz I know kht minsan badboy ka there’s still a good side of you.. but I know naman everything about us hinde mgatatagal.. pero im willing naman to take care of you.. I respect you and for sure naman u feel it naman.. malapit na christmas gift ko.. ahaha,, mwaaaaahhugs BOGS..