Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Love Letter..

to the person i considered my soulmate.. when you came into my life, i told myself i would love you and never gonna hurt you.. you were my bestfriend, my love, my everything.. till one day you said," i cant stay with you any longer.." i refuse to believe you at first but when i look in your eyes, it spells out the truth about how you really feel inside.. u can't even look straight into my eyes.. my life has changed at that very moment.. i just found myself on bended knees,, yelling.." why..?!" i was down completely.. saying goodbyes, i knew it but i cant accept it.. the kiss, whisper, embrace.. it was the last..we always thought our love was enough for us to last.. i know you're happy now wherever you are.. its a year now since we broke up, this has been the longest year of my life, the most painful part of my life, flashing back those memories we shared, hugs and kisses, promises we made, tears and emotions.. the sadness of the nights brings back the days/time we shared.. the time you let go of me and the moment i surrendered you.. even silence reminds me of all the sorrow, the pain and my hopelessness.. but i forgive you and im setting you free.. "KUNG TALAGANG TAYO PARA SA ISA'T ISA, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN KAHIT GANO PA TAYO KATAGAL MAGHIHIWALAY MAGIGING TAYO PARIN IN THE END.." hear me say this,, "i have found the essence of my life, i have discovered a world that's beautiful, because of you.."

those memories,, thank you..

- miMimTIN