Saturday, June 27, 2009

Foot Fetish..

Why do people have foot fetish..?? Guys with foot fetish will stare at every detail of a women’s feet, from shoes, heels, to the nail polish, the skin, the candle like toes, the newly done pedicure.. Now lets go to the kinky side of the story.. Guys with foot fetish will make out a woman’s foot anytime of the day as if it is were his high school girlfriend. I have nothing against it, in fact im all for it! Well if you didn’t know, giving/receiving a toe job is phenomenal. The first time I tried it I understood why guys love blowjobs.. I remember when I had my first toe job. The guy took me by surprise when he nibbled my left foot like it was some lollipop! I thought it was amazing how he’d look at me and just munch on my toe. That was so good! Now I know how it feels like to have a protruding part of your body be sucked, licked, played with and nibbled.. To feel the roughness and smoothness of the tongue, what a sense of gratification for my toe..!! Most of the time it’s ignored but this time it got noticed and pleasured! It just blew my mind..
To those reading this and are feeling grossed out, well, to lick or not to lick is entirely your prerogative but remember this: “Conquering a woman’s body is not that easy unless you’re a good as a male gigolo.. But one way of doing so is going where no one has gone before. It will be easier to remember your name and associate it with “ the man who gave me a fantastic toe job..! Hint..!
Now that I’ve got you Almost convinced, these are some things to remember..:

• Giving a toe job is the same as giving a blowjob. Licking, sucking, nibbling, darling and swirling of the tongue will put her into ecstasy..
• You can use hot or cold water vas an enhancer, it’s better if the temperature of the tongue compliments the temperature of the foot or toe..
• You can experiment on creams, syrups, or any additives that you can use to make the toe licking more exciting and enjoyable on your part..
• Very important..! make sure her feet are clean before you munch on them..

Have a nice day.. ahaha!!!