Thursday, June 11, 2009


We all require certain relationships in our lives. Some, we wish we could avoid, while others it seems we can never get enough of..

Tama nga yung sabi nila,, “TIME CAN HEAL..” I thought after our breakups my world will get miserable, lonely and nothing… Na my life would stop on the day we got separated.. na i can’t live without you.. na i can’t be happy as happy when were still together.. na i can’t fulfill my duties en responsibilities.. na i can’t be happy with other’s company.. but I’M WRONG.. time is a great healer.. after 5 mos of hoping, now it is the right time to have a new life.. dati lagi ko cnasabi sa knila na, hnd ko kaya.. but now, head up, kaya ko na.. i feel better now, happy and contented for being single and without a lover.. tama nga yung sbi nila, you should love yourself first before others.. and when you are in a relationship don’t give 100% of ur love, should be balance so that when he leave you, hnd ganun kasakit.. after my first love dati, yan ang motto ko but when i met you ( you know who you are) nawala yang motto ko co’z dpat daw hnd ganun.. pero mali ka.. nagkamali din ako.. i should learn from my mistakes..

thank’s to you co’z minulat mo ko sa katotohanan and you gave me a lesson na i will never forget for the rest of my life.. now, friends na ulit.. friends na lang talaga..